Corrugated sheets

made of GRP are very robust and resistant due to their material combination. They are excellently suited as protection against weather influences, offer protection against UV radiation and are increasingly used as cladding for cooling towers due to their anticorrosive properties.


B (mm)X (mm)H (mm)Z (mm)kg/m2
WP 76/18166076180,91,40
WP 76/18166076181,21.90
WP 76/18166076181,62,55
WP 177/511096177510,91,50
WP 177/511096177511,22,00
WP 177/511096177511,62,70

Trapezoidal Sheets are only different in shape from above corrugated Sheets

B (mm)X (mm)H (mm)Y (mm)Z (mm)kg/m2
TP 245166020045800,91,60
TP 245166020045801,22,15
TP 245166020045801,62,90
TP 250/40104025040630,91,50
TP 250/40104025040631,22,05
TP 250/40104025040631,62,75
TP 179/40104017940530,91,50
TP 179/40104017940531,22,05
TP 179/40104017940531,62,80
TP 137/181135137180,91,35
TP 137/181135137181,21,85
TP 137/181135137181,62,50