System Profiles


Transformer Profiles

GRP Transformer Profiles for the electrical industry (dogbones, corner sections and slot wedges) are mainly used in transformers and electric motors.



GRP Profile System

Just like the known aluminium systems, we offer a compatible GRP profile. This Profile System can be connected to the existing terminals for 8 mm slots.




GRP Sheet Pile Walls

GRP Sheet Pile Walls are ideally suited for use in corrosive environments. They are used to protect the shoreline and to prevent erosion.



GRP Vehicle Construction

Mounting profiles for isolation fillings are lightweight and can be quickly assembled. They are corrosion resistant, have a high isolation value and a long service life.



Flat and Corrugated Panels

GRP Panels, whether flat or corrugated, can be used as covers or panels with light weight. Corrugated sheets are also available in a semi-transparent version.



GRP Coverings PA 200

The GRP Cover PA 200 is suitable for coverings with large span widths.




GRP Window and Door Profiles

Glassfibre Reinforced Profiles for windows and doors are excellent for isolating and possess the same thermal expansion coefficient as glass.




GRP Support Beams for Stockbreeding

Thanks to the good chemical and corrosion resistance, GRP beamsare ideal for use in animal breeding facilities.